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Integrated Demand Generation – Welcome to DemandCon – Shawn Elledge – Founder of DemandCon


Demand Generation – The State of the Art in 2012

Natalie Horne, Sr Analsyt at Aberdeen will kick off the event with some eye opening research that all sales and marketing executives should know about.

Speaker: Natalie Horne, Research Consultant at Aberdeen

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Meet the Marketers – Structured Networking


Top of the Funnel
The changing role of Your Brand in Demand Gen

Whether your business is B2B or B2C, brands are playing a fundamentally different role today and engagement is the name of the game. This means your brand needs to adapt to communicate in different ways which is not without its challenges. Many companies are suffering split personality disorder between the engagement and programs they roll out and a brand that does not necessarily support the new communications world. Does your brand have an authentic personality? In this session Michelle will explore the changing role of branding, share how to assess whether your brand has true personality, highlight pitfalls to avoid in your awareness and demand gen activities and provide practical strategies for greater success.

Speaker: Michelle Martin, Director, Align Marketing


Intra Funnel
What Sales really needs from Marketing

The battle between sales & marketing never really seems to go away, but with marketers creating intelligent lead generation campaigns to feed business opportunities to the sales team, are they actually giving sales organisations what they really want?

The session will allow you to:

  • Understand the qualification process that world class sales organisations are implementing
  • Understand the relationship between lead generation and sales qualification
  • Understand what sales people need, not what they want!

Speaker: Ben Turner, Director of Sales, Institute of Sales & Marketing Management

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Top of the Funnel
Opportunities for Growth in Demand Generation

How can companies expand beyond their existing tactics to drive revenue growth for the business?
What are the best practices from the field of B2B in demand generation, or should B2B be learning from B2C?

Speaker: Hanne-Tuomisto-Inch, Industry Head, B2B at Google


Intra Funnel
Aligning Content with the B2B Buyer’s Journey

Great content has become the foundation stone of B2B marketing. But how can you determine your content creation priorities, and ensure that every piece you create has a clear and effective role to play in advancing your prospects’ decision-making process?

Bob Apollo and Doug Kessler review the B2B content creation process through the lens of the Buyers’ Journey. They identify the key stages B2B buyers typically go through when searching for, evaluating and selecting solutions, and highlight the role of content in facilitating the buying decision process.

Speakers: Bob Apollo, Managing Partner, Inflexion Point
Doug Kessler, co-founder and creative director, Velocity

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Lunch & Learn: Zen And The Art Of Marketing Automation

Robert Pirsig’s 1974 philosophical novel, Zen And The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance, has more to do with creating a Marketing Automation roadmap than, at first sight, it might appear! Using a case study of creating a roadmap for a 10-employee business, Peter Daly-Dickson hopes to leave you feeling excited and inspired to incorporate a “non-rational” approach in your pursuit of producing high-quality marketing automation plans.

You’ll learn…

  • the real reason business owners want marketing automation
  • the biggest hurdle to effective implementation of marketing automation
  • what a quality marketing automation plan is, and what it isn’t

Presenters: Aaron Stead, Vice President, Sales, Infusionsoft
Peter Daly-Dickson, Founder, Conquer The Chaos


The Truth about your Lead Generation Efforts

Rod Sloane, Author of “Alignment – The Secret to Getting Your Sales and Marketing Teams Working Together”, will provide a practical look at how to cut through all the clichés and attacks on sales and marketing alignment.

Takeaways include:

  • The Truth about your Lead Generation
  • Avoid the most common mistake in trying to get sales and marketing working together
  • The Five Step Plan to profitable Alignment

Rod will share years of experience gained while working at BAT, IBM, CA, OpenVision, UBS and Blackpool Pleasure Beach. Voted Best UK Business Speaker in 2008 by the College of Public Speaking, Rod delivers fast-paced, high-energy presentations that are both educational and funny!

Speaker: Rod Sloane, Author Speaker

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Top of the Funnel
Demand Generation Experts Share their Knowledge (Panel)

Panelists: Stephen Krajewski, Head of Demand Centre Europe Iron Mountain
Charlie Blackburn, BrightTALK UK
Stuart Wheldon, Senior Director of Customer Success & Strategy, EMEA and Asia Pacific, Eloqua
Enrico Brosio, Co-founder & President MarketOne International LLP, Managing Director MarketOne Europe LLP


Intra Funnel
Case Study- Implementing a Global Marketing Automation Solution

The growth of Swiss Post Solutions (SPS), a division of Swiss Post, is due in part to an acquisition strategy that started in 2000. This has resulted in 40 brands being consolidated under one global brand, across the fifteen countries that SPS operates in. It was recognized that significant benefits could be achieved if the local demand generation activities were standardized through the implementation of a common platform and by adopting a universal Demand Creation and Nurturing Strategy Framework. Central to the success of this project would be agreement between the sales and marketing organizations on an integrated sales and marketing process. In September 2011 SPS, in conjunction with DemandGen, embarked on a project to introduce the Eloqua marketing automation platform into a number of countries simultaneously. This presentation will discuss: * The reasons why SPS chose to implement a marketing automation system – * The issues faced in deploying a system across multiple countries, each with their own specific requirements – * The long-term vision and how this influenced the implementation model The cultural and organizational evolution of the company can play an integral part in how to approach such an implementation. SPS and DemandGen hope to provide, through their own experience, the audience with some insight and hints on how to approach their own implementations and other factors that they need to consider.

Speakers: Joel Puznava, Head of Customer Success Directors, DemandGen AG
David Dorling, Head Global Marketing, Swiss Post Solutions

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Top of the Funnel
Navigating Marketing Automation, 6 Lessons Learned from the School of Hard Knocks

CleverTouch, a company specializing in helping companies ramp pipeline and revenues faster through marketing optimization technologies, needed to build better conversations with their own database and improve their customer relationships. CleverTouch knew that marketing automation would be required in order to scale critical efforts of their small marketing team, so much so that they not only implemented it for their own company, but also set on a quest to evangelize that wisdom to their clients. During this process, CleverTouch discovered how to leverage this technology to maximize demand generation campaigns, improve productivity and transform marketing teams. Please join Adam Sharp as they discuss lessons learned, and share best practices for marketing automation optimization.

Speaker: Adam Sharp, Managing Director, CleverTouch

Intra Funnel
Right Content, Right Time, Right Person – McAfee Lead Nurture Programme

McAfee is the world’s largest dedicated security technology company delivering solutions and services to end-users, private sector enterprise, the public sector and service providers. With more than 100 competitors, McAfee realised that its sales and marketing teams had to work closely together to drive revenue growth.

Using a combination of Lead Scoring and Lead Nurturing McAfee marketing decided that the best way to continue marketing to leads that were not ready to speak to a sales rep was to create an automated buyers journey. Prospects should be put through a segmented nurturing programme giving them the right information at the right time in the buying process to enable leads to becoming sales ready over time.

McAfee turned to Marketing Operations Agency, CRM Technologies to assist in the design, implementation and on-going refinement of the nurture programme which has led to a fourfold increase in opportunity conversion, highlighting a clear return on investment.

CRM’s fundamental approach was the rationale of taking the prospect on a journey, rather than just talking to them about a product. The success of this strategy was based on the mantra of “sending the right content at the right time to the right person”.

Speaker: Andrew Freeman, CEO, CRM Technologies
Anja Feldmaier, EMEA Marketing Executive, McAfee


Meet the Marketers – Structured Networking


Top of the Funnel
Sales and Marketing Fabric and the danger of linear thinking

The internet has made B2B buying behavior very volatile and is creating several challenges for marketing and sales all the like. That is THE common thread you¹ll often pick up during demand generation conferences. It’s then said that the marketing team needs to step up and do a better job facilitating the early stages of the buyer¹s buying journey. While that is certainly true, what does it really mean? Driven by the aggressive sales pitch from marketing automation vendors we are led to believe that all of a sudden marketing needs to take over from sales, that the buying process is a simple linear process that can be fully automated and where the value of sales is losing in importance and impact.

Yet, research data from companies like Sirius Decisions has shown that best in class organizations get 30% of their income through marketing- sourced leads. This means that still a whopping 70% of the business needs to be sourced by sales. And that’s not all: after the lead has been identified, qualified and part of the sales cycle, sales teams also need to deal with the buyer and his volatility. Buyers in a 2.0 world are more knowledgeable, have developed their own insights and have (predetermined) expectations once they have decided that the time is there to get involved with a potential vendor. Welcome to the buyer 2.0 world.

During this session Jurgen Heyman, VP Sales Performance International, the Solution Selling® company and Koen De Witte, MD LeadFabric will explain:

  • How does sales need to deal with the new buyer
  • How does sales also need to reinvent itself
  • How, in addition, does marketing need to support the conversion of the sales sourced leads

Speakers: Koen De Witte, CEO, Leadfabric
Juergen Heyman, VP, EMEA of SPI

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Intra Funnel
Building Global Lead Scoring and Nurturing Programs

In this session Ceri Jones (Basware) and John Sweeney (DemandGen) explain how to deploy and lead scoring and nurturing across global markets. Where should you begin? Is your marketing engine ready for lead scoring and nurturing? What are the required components to put in place? What are the major challenges.

In this interactive session speakers will share knowledge and experiences for those wrestling with the challenges of deploying marketing automation in in global companies.

Speakers: Ceri Jones, Marketing Director, Basware
John Sweeney, Customer Success Director, DemandGen- UK

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Top of the Funnel
B2B Content Marketing = Search & Social Domination

The individuals who buy B2B products and services are increasingly behaving like consumers online. We call it B2CC (Business to Commercial Consumer). They need to be wooed with content, given reasons to return to your site and incentives to give you permission to stay in touch with them.

I will be covering the why and the how of content marketing for B2B and how it helps you dominate in search and social.


  • Boss-friendly stats on the arguments for investing properly in content
  • Strategic approaches to B2B content
  • Tactical tips and tricks for making the most of your efforts (with examples)

Speakers: Will Critchlow, Founder, Distilled


Intra Funnel
Social Media panel

In this session speakers will discuss best practices in social media.

Moderator: Robert Clay, Founder, Marketing Wizdom Ltd.

Panelist: Michael Mischker, Global Head of Banking Social Media, SAP
Paul Coffey, Industry Leader, Google
Tiffany St James, Founder, Stimulation


Leak with Intent – Why Prospects Need to Say “No” More Often

Hugh Macfarlane has overseen development of over 350 B2B demand generation plans in 20 countries, and trained thousands of B2B marketers from the world’s finest companies. And his biggest lesson from this experience? You need to fail early, often, and with intent. Since Hugh coined the term “buyers’ journey” in 2004 to describe how B2B marketers should focus on ‘cognitive progression’ – moving a buyer from one thought to the next – he’s seen a shift. Enlightened companies are even doing this together – Sales and Marketing planning and executing this series of progressions together.

To bring DemandCon 2012 to an actionable close, Hugh will build a progression plan using all of the tactics presented during the conference, and a few that weren’t. With the help from the day’s presenters, and smart marketers from the audience, he will then identify all the points of failure and build recycling tactics to manage the leaked buyers back into the funnel: Better primed, better positioned, more ready to progress next time.

Speaker: Hugh Macfarlane, Author of “The Leaky Funnel”


Networking Event / Birds of a Feather

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