San Francisco 2013 Full Agenda

Monday, April 15, 2013

 8:00-8:45am • Room: Foyer

Registration & Networking Breakfast

 8:45-9:10am • Room: Golden Gate C2

Conference Chair Welcome Remarks

Speaker: Shawn Elledge, Conference Chair, DemandCon

 9:15-10:00am • Room: Golden Gate C2

Behind Every Successful Marketer is Strategy

Mike Couch, CEO of Couch & Associates, Toronto, Canada has invited a panel of clients to share the strategies behind each of their demand generation objectives and goals. This program will help you develop your own strategy for success in 2013 and beyond. After all, Tactics without Strategy is the noise you hear before defeat – Sun Tzu.

Speakers: Mike Couch, CEO, Couch & Associates
Kim Mai, Sr. Manager of Marketing Automation, NetApp
Scott Fingerhut, Vice President, Lead Generation, Box

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 10:00-10:30am • Room: Exhibit Hall

Exhibits & Morning Coffee Break

10:30-11:15am • Room: Golden Gate C2

Strategic Issues of World-Class Sales Organizations

In 2012, the Miller Heiman Sales Best Practice Study revealed the top 12 strategic initiatives of World-Class Sales Organizations from respondents globally. As we start into 2013, Joe Galvin, Chief Research Officer of the Miller Heiman Research Institute, will revisit the highlights of 2013 Sales Best Practices Study in the presentation Strategic Issues of World Class Sales Organizations. This session will provide sales leaders with insights on best practices leveraged by World-Class Sales Organizations that result in improved performance, highlighting strategies to consider for throughout this year.

Speaker: Joe Galvin, Miller Heiman

10:30-11:15am • Room: Golden Gate C1

Win with Digital Content Marketing

This presentation shares insights into how Tellabs uses content marketing to drive demand generation. When you compete with companies 10, 20 or 30 times your size, it’s a David and Goliath battle. Content is your slingshot.

You find good content in customer conversations, as customers talk about problems, worries and needs. The best content is thought–provoking — challenging the customer’s sense of the status quo, and inspiring a change in his or her thinking.

Good content cuts through the clutter with consistent, compelling messages. It’s sized to fit into your customers’ attention windows. It speaks your customers’ language. It sparks a conversation that leads to revenue.

Speaker: George Stenitzer, Tellabs

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 11:30am-12:15pm • Room: Golden Gate C2

Better Lead Conversion Through Enrichment

The amount of data that is available both to your prospects and about your prospects is unprecedented. Having a unified data strategy is key to succeeding within this new Big Data frontier. Learn how leading B2B marketers have increased conversion and win rates by unifying their lead scoring and sales enablement programs using InsideView. See how they enable their prospects and customers to have a consistent brand experience that is relevant to their location in the funnel.

Speaker: Umberto Milletti, CEO and Founder, InsideView

11:30am-12:15pm • Room: Golden Gate C1

Who Is More Important For Your Revenue Objectives – Influencers or Brand Advocates?

In this lively discussion, Mark Fidelman and a panel of speakers will argue their points of view for which group has the most meaningful revenue impact. How are the best businesses designing influencer and advocate initiatives that influence the perception and decisions of prospective customers? Explore the undercurrent of influence, specifically social capital and social currency. With services such as Klout and Kred defining an influence score, our online stature is being perceived rightly or wrongly.

Discover how to best engage and motivate your brands advocates. There’s a strategy that brands are using that the rest of us don’t know about. We discuss what they are and how to deploy them at our organization.

You will learn:

  • The difference between advocates and influencers
  • Influencer identification and engagement strategy
  • Advocate identification and engagement strategy
  • What has worked and what hasn’t

Speaker: Mark Fidelman, Author

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  12:15-1:30pm • Room: Golden Gate C2

Marketing Performance Management Unveiled: How To Keep Score Of Your Success

Moderator: Dave Lewis, DemandGen International

Do you know why sales gets “the big bucks”? Because their impact on businesses can be directly measured and attributed from their efforts. Can marketing’s impact also be measured and attributed? Finally, the answer is yes!

Yet, while every modern marketer has been asked to measure and report on marketing’s impact on revenue, very few companies have changed their perception of marketing from being a cost center to revenue driver because the approach and solution for marketing performance management has remained a mystery to most. Join Author and lead management expert David Lewis, as he leads a panel of marketing pros, who will share their secrets for creating effective marketing dashboards that communicate marketing’s contribution to the business. This panel of experts will dissect several real-life dashboards so you’ll understand how they’re used as a vehicle for linking marketing activities to demand generation, pipeline, and revenue.

The session will start with an overview of which vital metrics should be integrated into your Marketing Performance Measurement Dashboard and then delve deep into how to collect and present the information. Your big takeaway from this session will be a thorough understanding of the techniques for communicating marketing impact over marketing activities.

Session Highlights

  • Which vital marketing metrics should serve as your key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • Techniques for explaining your KPIs to fellow executives using an approach they’ll understand
  • See how your peers are creating effective marketing impact dashboards
  • How you’ll need to enhance your website, campaign tracking, marketing automation system and CRM systems to ensure for proper tracking of data for reporting
  • What types of resources you’ll need to enable you to collect, analyze, and report on marketing’s impact

Speakers: Greg Forrest, Sr. Manager, Marketing Operations & Demand Center, Concur
Doug Sechrist, Vice President, Demand Marketing, Five9
Nicolas Draca, Director, Demand Generation, LinkedIn

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1:30-2:15pm • Room: Golden Gate C2

How to Shorten Sales Cycles

50% of all opportunities fail to close as originally forecasted. Forecasting accuracy remains one of the top concerns for the CSO in today’s business environment. CSO Insight’s Sales Performance Optimization Survey Results tell us that 49.3% of all deals fail to close as originally forecasted. In addition, nearly 20% of all deals result in a “no decision”. The buyer simply did nothing.

The survey goes on to say that the number of calls needed to close a deal is rising, not because we have to make more calls on the same people, we now need to make more calls on more people. Sales reps are finding that bigger deals may need more levels of sign-off, requiring them to call on multiple stakeholders for support. This can have a major impact on the length of a sales cycle. Additionally, poor qualification continues to be a problem for many companies leading to record numbers of deals ending in “no decision”. Proper qualification throughout the entire sales process can help to minimize the risk of a deal ending in “no decision”. This module will provide you with a simple formula to better qualify opportunities and an approach for staying in alignment with multiple buyers as you move through the buying process.

During this session you will learn:

  • How to identify compelling business reasons to take action
  • How to overcome a lack of authority or influence of buyers to make a buying decision
  • How to address multiple decision makers
  • How to articulate a clear understanding of how your capabilities will help
  • How to help buyers visualize how to transition from their current to future desired state
  • How value justification helps to make a purchase decision

Speaker: Tim Sullivan, Director of Development, Sales Performance International

1:30-2:15pm • Room: Golden Gate C1

Lead Nurturing Case Study

Learn how DocuSign created a sophisticated automated nurture system that maps the buyer’s journey to the sales cycle. The company runs over 35 nurture programs with a well-orchestrated hierarchy to enable a “market to one” experience for their prospects and customers. The results: Revenue jumped, pipeline doubled within a quarter and tripled the following, and churn was reduced significantly. Walk away with an applicable example or two to implement at your company.

Speaker: Meagen Eisenberg, VP of Demand Generation, Docusign

 2:30-3:15pm • Room: Golden Gate C2

How to Stop Wasting Leads

When it comes to effective lead qualification and prospecting, a one-size-fits-all communication strategy can leave you out in the cold. Steve Richard of Vorsight & Michael Herbst of ConnectLeader will give you the tools techniques necessary to help your teams be more efficient and effective at lead qualification. In this 45-minute session, expect to gain the best strategies to engage your leads and best ways to use the latest technologies to improve lead to opportunity conversion rates. You will walk away knowing how to:

  • Create a better process for lead follow up that is 10x more efficient and effective
  • Use 3×3 Research: learn what it is and how to use it
  • Fine-tune your Professional Persistence
  • Use technology to get more people on the phone

Speakers: Steve Richard, Co-Founder, Vorsight
Mr. Michael Herbst, Senior Account Manager, ConnectLeader

2:30-3:15pm • Room: Golden Gate C1

7 Marketing Habits of Today’s Highly Successful Small and Mid-Sized Businesses

The current economic forecast is murky, making it hard for companies to know what to prepare for – growth or contraction. As a result, companies focus increasingly on streamlining operations, fine-tuning programs, and striving for the best possible return on every dollar spent. Many small and medium-sized businesses in particular continue to struggle and exercise caution, searching for ways to effectively grow business while minimizing costs.

We’ll use results from a recent Forrester report “Driving SMB Revenue in a Tough Economy” to paint an interesting and informative picture of the business activities and perceptions of ‘top performing’ companies, and call out the seven key factors that demonstrate why some businesses are growing beyond expectations while others are under-performing.

This presentation will not only identify the key marketing habits employed by the “top performing” [those that reported they exceeded their revenue plan in the previous year] companies, but will also explain why those marketing activities are catapulting their business forward. Oliver Deighton, VP of Marketing at Viglink will share specific examples they implemented to illustrate the practical application of each habit in the real world.

Speakers: Atri Chatterjee, Chief Marketing Officer, Act-On Software
Oliver Deighton, Vice President, Marketing, Viglink

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 3:15-3:45pm • Room: Exhibit Hall

Exhibits & Afternoon Break

3:45-4:30pm • Room: Golden Gate C2

Channel Enablement

Selling through indirect channels is an economic strategy aimed at generating greater returns from the available market opportunity at an overall lower cost of sales. Generating a return requires on-going investment, but much of the money vendors spend has little impact on partner behavior and focus, and little impact on channel revenue growth.

Global multi-channel training and consulting leader Channel Enablers will explain which indirect channel investments by vendors and manufacturers produce the best returns through greater differentiation, faster time to revenue, higher rates of partner contribution and higher channel revenue growth. A case study example of a brand-leading software vendor will show how they fast tracked a channel development program that contributed strongly to their outstanding growth in channel revenue and market share.

Speaker: Rich Blakeman, Senior Vice President, Channel Enablers

3:45-4:30pm • Room: Golden Gate C1

Demand Process Transformation – It’s Not What You Think

Marketing is always in a state of flux. However, one thing remains the same…the buyer is the central focal point for successful marketing and sales. There are many tools, applications, creative concepts to help you do this, blogs to read and new things to learn, but if you don’t fundamentally understand and incorporate Demand Process Transformation℠ into your core strategy, you will not deliver maximum revenue. Demand Process Transformation makes it all about the buyer.

Key take-aways:

  • Defining Your Demand Process approach
  • Basic steps to start Demand Process Transformation (DPT)
  • What to expect with DPT
  • How to measure success

Speaker: Carlos Hidalgo, CEO, ANNUITAS

 4:45-5:30pm • Room: Golden Gate C2

How To Get a Better Job in Demand Generation

Moderated by: Steve Gershik, Co-Founder, DemandCon

It’s 2013 and the career outlook for demand generation professionals in both marketing and sales couldn’t be brighter. In this informative panel, find out how your career prospects stack up against those of your peers and learn what skills companies are looking for. Bring your questions about job finding and career development to our panel of experts.

Speakers: Jill Rowley, Social Selling Evangelism & Enablement, Oracle
Shelly Kramer, Founder and CEO, V3 Integrated Marketing
Christine Crandell, President, New Business Strategies

 5:30-7:00pm • Room: Exhibit Hall


Local BMA, DMA and Social Media Club

 7:00-9:00pm • Room: Golden Gate C2

BMA & Social Media Club Programs:
People, Processes and Technologies in B2B – a NorCal BMA Round Table

It has been said that people and process are the most important factors to consider when making a B2B technology purchase. With more and more people on your typical B2B buying committee, a focus on process and business goals to drive justification for investment is becoming a hurdle that must be cleared before a purchase can be made.

NorCal BMA chairwoman Nancy Chou moderates a panel exploring the balance necessary to maximize your b2b marketing investments and make them as immediately impactful as possible. The panel with discuss the power of key marketing technologies like marketing automation platforms, targeting and personalization platforms, and advanced web analytics solutions and evaluate the necessary steps behind making investments in these technologies fruitful. Our panelists will also discuss how buying behavior has changed, and how the modern buyer and buying committee makes their decisions.

Please join us for this engaging evening where DemandCon attendees and NorCal BMA members will have the opportunity to interact with one another and our thought-provoking panelists.

There is No Fee to attend if you are a Demandcon attendee or current NorCal BMA member. Otherwise please go here to register for the NorCal BMA Program.

BMA Members: BMAmemDC (free ticket)

The General Admission ticket is $35
Students: BMAstudentDC ($10 ticket)

Speakers: George Stenitzer, Vice President of Marketing & Corporate Communications, Tellabs
Steve Jones, Vice President of Demand Marketing, CallidusCloud
Jennifer Pockell-Wilson, Vice President of Integrated Marketing & Demand Operations, Demandbase

  7:00-9:00pm • Room: Golden Gate C1

Can Social Media ROI Equal Sales?

Many of the success metrics associated with a company’s social media activity are often aligned to brand visibility, awareness and basic engagement with fans and followers. But what about those that take things a step further? The opportunities are endless to track the impact, effectiveness and measurable business results of social media activity by a company.

Using social media tools to build supplemental information about customers and prospects that can make the difference between a closed deal and a closed door. So what are those creative ways to leverage social media tools to actively listen, prospect, deepen prospect and customer relationships and close deals?

Our panel will discuss:

  • Their view of the modern day sales funnel, and key points in the sales cycle where social media has replaced traditional strategies
  • Using social media tools to more effectively communicate with prospects and customers where, how and when they want (and need) it
  • Active listening tools, tips and tricks
  • Setting up campaigns to track the impact of social selling activities, and follow leads through to sales deals
  • Share examples that will give you the insight and data to act quickly upon your own efforts!

Speakers: Adam Metz, Principal, The Social Concept
Jason Miller, Social Media Strategist, Marketo
Koka Sexton, Senior Social Marketing Manager, LinkedIn

  7:00-9:00pm • Room: Salon 5 & 6

Stump the Experts: Edition

The San Francisco user group will be hosting a panel discussion featuring experts in applying to Sales, Marketing, Support and Development. Panelists will be discussing the latest developments and releases, tips, tricks and predictions about their respective areas of expertise. Panelists include Kirk Crenshaw (CMO of Tylr Mobile, former VP of Demand Gen for Appirio), Richard Cunningham (Product Manager, Acteva RSVP) and Sophie Curtis (Business Systems Manager at Thismoment, Inc.).
“No charge to attend this program”.

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

 8:00-8:45am • Room: Foyer

Registration & Networking Breakfast

 9:00-9:15am • Room: Golden Gate C2

Conference Chair Welcome Remarks

Shawn Elledge, Conference Chair, DemandCon

 9:15-10:00am • Room: Golden Gate C2

Powered by Buyer Insights – A Real-Time Approach to Strategic Marketing

If strategic marketing conjures up images of lengthy plans that are rarely read and never come to fruition, this session will be a game changer. Adele Revella, President and Founder of Buyer Persona Institute, will reveal how marketers are focusing on buyer expertise to create real-time strategies for every aspect of marketing, from messaging and segmentation to sales enablement.

Revella will explain why interviewing recent buyers is the most effective way for marketers to transition from tactical to strategic marketing. Attendees will learn about an achievable plan to become the buyer experts that executives and sales people trust to drive revenue and results.

  • How marketers can develop buyer intelligence as a core competency
  • Steps to position marketing as a source of competitive advantage
  • Best practices for buyer insights that guide just–in–time strategic planning

Speaker: Adele Revella, Founder, Buyer Persona Insitute

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 10:00-10:15am • Room: Golden Gate C2

Lightning Round of 2-Minute Sponsor Presentations

 10:15-10:45am • Room: Exhibit Hall

Exhibits & Morning Coffee Break

10:45-11:30am • Room: Golden Gate C2

The Social Enterprise

Social really is here when it comes to the enterprise. Many see the role of social in consumer-focused businesses but have not absorbed what it means for the enterprise. Social is having a direct impact in 5 areas:

  1. DIY prospecting: Customers conduct research on products and services well ahead of the official start to the sales cycle
  2. Peer influence: Customers “pulse” their peers at every step of the journey
  3. Trial before purchase: User testing requires grassroot support. It’s no longer a single decision instance rather smaller purchase bundles
  4. Buyer & user are the same: The phenomenon changes decision and influence points in enterprise purchasing
  5. Click to compare: Pricing transparency is foundational; consumer expectations are shaping enterprise behavior

Speaker: Lareina Yee, Principal, McKinsey & Company

10:45-11:30am • Room: Golden Gate C1

Effective Nurturing through Alignment of Sales & Marketing

In this presentation Maurice Parisien, principal and co-owner of Digital Intersection along with Jim Ruszala, Senior Director of Marketing, Maritz Travel will co-present the strategy, process, tactical elements and KPIs that have lead to the successful ongoing management of Maritz Travel’s prospect-nurturing program. The presentation will provide the details of how Maritz Travel and its marketing partner, Digital Intersection have been communicating with key decision-makers and influencers within Fortune 1000 companies to maintain a top-of-mind awareness of the group meetings, events and incentive travel services of Maritz Travel, such that when the need arises, Maritz Travel would be top-of-mind to address needs for group meetings, events and incentive travel services.

Speakers: Maurice Parisien, Principal, Digital Intersection
Jim Ruszala, Senior Director of Marketing, Maritz Travel

 11:45am-12:30pm • Room: Golden Gate C2

GAME ON – Branded Games = Serious Business

Gamification is a red-hot topic these days. But far too many B2B marketers fail to recognize that business people are consumers, too – and you’ve got to engage them through highly-interactive, consumer-style experiences before they hit “Game Over” on your brand. And if you think gamification is strictly B2C, you’re about to learn otherwise.

In this exclusive session featuring Rick Mathieson, author of THE ON-DEMAND BRAND and BRANDING UNBOUND, you’ll see how B2B brands are boosting brand awareness and achieving astonishing business results through some serious fun and games.

You’ll discover how branded games can:

  • Supercharge integrated communications programs aimed at B2B audiences
  • Boost interaction times and act as viral engines for your brand
  • Amplify social & mobile initiatives by moving beyond more “presence” to
    “engagement” like never before possible

Mathieson will be joined by Rick Wootten, former director of e-business for Dell/SonicWALL and current senior director of online marketing for Seagate Technologies, for a behind-the-scenes look at how one branded game started out as a test – and resulted in over 1,000 leads worth tens of millions of dollars in revenue.

Speakers: Rick Mathieson, Author, THE ON-DEMAND BRAND and BRANDING UNBOUND
Rick Wootten, Senior Director of Online Marketing, Seagate Technologies

11:45am-12:30pm • Room: Golden Gate C1

Agile Marketing Panel

Moderator: Jim Ewel, Author, Agile Marketing Manifesto

Marketers today are challenged by the speed of change, the impact of technology, the pressure to demonstrate positive contribution to the bottom line, the disruption and multiplication of channels of communication, and limited resources to get everything done. Agile marketing is an approach to marketing that helps you to get more done, adapt to change and see measurable results in days and weeks rather than months and years.

This panel will focus on the five core values to Agile Marketing:

  • Responding to change over following a plan
  • Rapid iterations over big-bang campaigns
  • Testing and data over opinions
  • Individuals and interactions over one-size-fits-all
  • Collaboration over silos and hierarchy


  • What is Agile Marketing and how can I apply it to my business
  • Who is using Agile Marketing and what has been their experience
  • How do I sell the idea of Agile Marketing to my boss/client
  • How do I get started

Speakers: Jascha Kaykas-Wolff, CMO, Mindjet
Kirstin Falk, President, RedBricks Media Agency
Justin Brocato, Manager, Marketing Operations, Cisco
Nick Muldoon, Agile Evangelist, Atlassian

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  12:30-1:30pm • Room: Golden Gate C2

You Have A Content Marketing Plan, Now What? How to Build a Content Marketing Machine

Modern marketers understand that content is critical to driving site visitors, leads and new business. But the challenge remains: how can marketers organize their content marketing efforts into a structured business process?

Join Keith Burrows of Kapost, Jason Stewart of Demandbase, and Marina Antestenis of inContact as they share the secrets of a successful content strategy and the critical components of a content marketing process, with a particular focus on top-of-funnel marketing. This session will lay the framework for how to build a content marketing machine and enable you to take actionable suggestions to impact the performance of your organization.

Session Highlights:

  • Strategy: What are the key components of an effective content strategy?
  • Ideation: How can I ensure a steady stream of relevant content ideas?
  • Planning: How can my team efficiently produce large volumes of content?
  • Production: How do I ensure the on-time publication of my content?
  • Top-of-Funnel Distribution: What are the best ways to use content at the top of the funnel?
  • Analysis: What metrics show how my content is performing?
  • Case Study: How are leading content marketing organizations using content to help drive more web traffic, leads and revenue?

Speakers: Keith Burrows, Kapost
Jason Stewart, Demandbase
Marina Antestenis, inContact

1:30-2:15pm • Room: Golden Gate C2

Content Prospecting – Enabling Direct Sales Reps with Lead Nurture Best Practices

In this session, you’ll learn hands-on techniques and tools for more efficiently developing your own highly-qualified opportunities, through leveraging best practices for nurturing leads down the sales funnel with meaningful and relevant content. Led by Bret Smith, Managing Principal of High-Impact-Prospecting, LLC, Audience Recruitment Thought Leader and Sales Prospecting Expert, your key takeaways will be:

  • Differentiate yourself from the rest of the sales pack by becoming your prospect’s trusted expert
  • Learn how to easily source content and deliver to your prospect meaningfully
  • Easily repeatable content messaging techniques to move your sales cycle along without trying your prospect’s patience
  • Step-by-step system with full examples of both email and voice content, and more.

Speaker: Bret Smith, Managing Principal, High-Impact Prospecting

1:30-2:15pm • Room: Golden Gate C1

The Changing Dynamics of Today’s Marketing Organization

The simple days of marketing are long gone. The silos of advertising, public relations and promotions have blurred together in an unrecognizable hodgepodge of cross-departmental initiatives. Add that to the growing fields of content strategy, social media, SEO/SEM, brand management, operations and roles like “company evangelist”, and you’ve got an alphabet soup of marketing initiatives, all boiled down under a single discipline. It is nearly impossible to draw an organizational structure chart in 2013, with so many departments collaborating with one another, and questions such as “which department should own this?” are ever-present.

Hear from an experienced marketing professional who has dealt with this problem head on, Megan Lueders, and what she has learned from her years of experience with this very issue. Additionally, Lueders will address how to manage and allocate budgets across diverse departmental needs, calculate ROI, sustain operational programs and make the pitch for more marketing funding from the executive staff.

Key Takeaways:

  • Best practices of managing a cross-departmental team
  • Calculating ROI across disciplines
  • Budget tactics
  • Selecting and sustaining operational programs (such as Eloqua, Spredfast, Google Analytics and others)

Speaker: Megan Lueders, Vice President of Global Marketing, LifeSize

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 2:30-3:15pm • Room: Golden Gate C2

Sales Operations’ Leaders to Watch in 2013: 3 Live Case Studies of Top Sales Ops Leaders

In this presentation, you will hear directly from 3 of the world’s top sales ops leaders. Hear how they have solved some of sales ops biggest challenges, such as:

  • Getting the VP of Sales projects done yesterday
  • Doing the work of 20 with a staff of 2
  • Producing the output of a $10 million budget, without a budget

Speakers: Dan Perry, Principal, Sales Benchmark Index
Steve Rutledge, VP, Global Sales Operations, Genesys
Patrick O’Leary, Director, Sales Strategy & Operations, Yahoo North America
Matt Cox, Enterprise Group, Sales Strategy & Operations, HP

2:30-3:15pm • Room: Golden Gate C1

How to Focus on Inbound Marketing Using Content Marketing + Social Media

Content marketing and social media are the cornerstones of any inbound marketing (and integrated marketing) strategy. As brands and agencies rush to create branded content, they are often realizing that great content alone isn’t enough.

76% of marketers who have strategic SEO campaigns in place also invest in the development of branded content as part of an inbound marketing strategy. Inbound marketing has been predicted to eclipse any other kind of marketing efforts by 2015 (and we think that sooner is probably a safe bet). So if you want to know more about using content marketing and a solid content strategy paired with the power of social media channels to get eyeballs to your content, this is the session for you.

We’ll cover:

The Power of Data: How to use analytics to drive your content and social strategies

Strategies for Writing Effective Content. 8 in 10 will see your headline. 2 in 10 will click through.

Great Content. Now What? Great content is only great if it works for you. Learn how to more effectively distribute your content across the web and drive traffic (and leads) to your blog + website that you can convert to sales.

Tracking and Measurement. Data is a critical component of the social and content marketing efforts. Learn how to create monthly reports that will help you monitor and track the effectiveness of your efforts and use this data to guide your strategy moving forward.

Speaker: Shelley Kramer, President, V3 Integrated Marketing

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 3:15-3:45pm • Room: Exhibit Hall

Exhibits & Afternoon Break

3:45-4:30pm • Room: Golden Gate C2

Where Modern Marketing Meets Modern Selling

Attend this session to learn how one of Eloqua’s top sales performers – and undisputed social media fanatics – Jill Rowley uses social media tools and techniques to rise above the rest. Learn how she artfully blends outstanding old-world relationship skills with new-world tools and good timing to build and maintain win-win client relationships and long-lasting advocates.

Speaker: Jill Rowley, Social Selling Evangelism & Enablement, Oracle

3:45-4:30pm • Room: Golden Gate C1

Combining Search and Social to Drive More High Quality Leads

While search marketing is key to any effective demand generation campaign, search marketing alone can’t always provide the insights marketers need to completely target specific audiences with correlating specific messages. Some keywords, for instance, cannot concretely indicate the intentions of the searcher.

Social media advertising, on the other hand, provides deep demographic targeting capabilities, allowing marketers to pinpoint messages to specific audiences. However social media advertising doesn’t always catch prospects at the prime moment when they are searching for a solution.

How can search and social work together to identify and capture key, targeted prospects?


  • How to develop basic buyer personas and their demographics
  • Targeting prospects through social media advertising on LinkedIn
  • Using retargeting to bucket and continually market to and nurture prospects
  • Driving the highest conversion rates through specific messaging to personas

Speakers: Janet Driscoll Miller, President and CEO, Search Mojo
Julia Lim, VP, Marketing, ScienceLogic

 4:45-5:30pm • Room: Golden Gate C2

Launching a Global Social Selling Strategy

Driving sales results thru digital and social innovation

The increased attention being paid to social channels, the hidden sales cycle and the need for socialized content has put a new spotlight on today’s marketing and sales leaders. Learn how IBM has integrated social selling into the Inside Sales role. During this discussion, IBM shares techniques and tools that enhance the way sellers connect with Clients to boost results. Cheryl Mikovch will share a Social Selling Model, case study proof points and how-to steps to add digital and social to grow your business.

Speaker: Cheryl Mikovch, Global Senior Marketing Manager, IBM

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