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Do you every listen to the plethora of “Predicted Trends for 20XX in Demand Gen….B2B Marketing…..Social Media” and wonder after the fact if any of them came true? Steve Gershik and the panelists from the DemandCon Year in Review – Demand Generation take a look back at predictions by Steve and other Demand Gen pundits from the last year. Some were hits and some were misses. Others are trends that are in process and yet to fully develop.

For a comprehensive review of the top news stories, best practices and predictions for Demand Generation 2012, listen to the recorded session from yesterday’s panel presented by Focus featuring Thor Johnson, Ruth Stevens and Maria Pergolino.

Only Connect

March 18th, 2011 by DemandCon Team

This was the iconic lesson of the book Howard’s End by E.M Forster.   I remember how profoundly those two words affected me back in college when I first read them.  And I was reminded of them again at a company retreat a few years ago.

Only connect.

Here’s the quote from the book:

Only connect! That was the whole of her sermon. Only connect the prose and the passion and both will be exalted, and human love will be seen at its height. Live in fragments no longer.

When Shawn and I started DemandCon, we had one core idea:  what if we could find a way to connect the top of the funnel to the bottom?   To connect marketing creativity to revenue results?   To connect people to one another?   To connect marketing and sales with companies that can help them achieve their professional goals?

Only connect.

DemandCon is a different kind of sales and marketing event, one that is for professionals who want to put the pieces of the demand generation puzzle together.  It’s for people who are driven to get better at their jobs, not just because of recognition and personal gain, but because they have an inner drive to become the best sales and marketing professionals on earth.

DemandCon is our attempt to connect all the small pieces of business funnel, to make what is hidden known and expose the secret knowledge that separate the good from the great.

What we’re looking for from our partners is to join us on this journey of discovery.  It’s never easy starting something from nothing.   Even though Shawn and I have run dozens of events nationally and internationally, it’s one thing to have the backing of a company and quite another to start a community conference based on a simple idea.

Only connect.

In the coming weeks we’ll be sharing more about our crowdsourced agenda for DemandCon.  We’ll share how this event will be unlike any other you’ve been to before.  And we know that on day as you look back on being a charter delegate of the first DemandCon conference, you can proudly say to your peers:  I was there when it all began.